50 Years of FRAUD and GAMES

Preamble: Horse slaughter must end

Horse Slaughter is inhumane (1), unnecessary, and despicable to the American people. The end of American horse slaughter would also bring about needed change to the American wild horse program which the FARM BILL has largely blocked. This would finally necessitate on-range management of wild horses as wildlife as was intended by the American people for the last 50 years. Gruesome management by illegal helicopter round-up would no longer be sustainable because the secret outlet to enable the sale of these horses and donkeys as meat globally, through Mexico per data from the United Nations, would be closed, and MUST be closed.

The best and obvious model for wild horse management is Yellowstone National Park(2), which (like our wild horses and burros) is also under the Department of Interior (DOI) as is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the funding for the USDA FS Wild Horse and Burro budget. Simply put, the native horses would be managed as wildlife alongside their native predators. Horses evolved in North America for 55 million years, some migrated over the Behring Strait throughout time. Some came back over that Strait throughout time, and some came back by boat! However, and somewhat unimportantly(3), no scientist has proven domestication. On the contrary, they have been proven both native and wild. To be clear, domestication is not taming or habituation. Domestication is instead a genetic change where familial structure is lost. Other genetic changes may also occur such as upright ears becoming lopped or hanging, tails curling, and brain size reduction, among others.

Due to cave paintings and DNA analysis, we know that there were Appaloosas as far back as twenty plus thousand years. There are also prehistoric cave paintings of Pintos and horses with long manes. Moreover, and over, and over, different “breeds” are not different species. There are reasons why horses did not need to be domesticated to work with us, and there are many different species that work together and help each other with or without even taming much less domestication.

Without natural predators the use of dartable contraception(4) can maintain the wild horse population. The model here is the Island National Park at Assateague without predators. It is a remote 45K acres. However, the FARM BILL’s influence has caused Congress to work duplicitously(5) against population management techniques that do not permanently sterilize the native horse, and that are not allowed for use on meat animals. They intend only for our native horse to continue to be slaughtered quietly, however brutally, over the borders for meat and this is the unspoken case on both sides of the aisle. This though enlightened Veterans, Advocates, and Ranchers are capable and have stepped up to dart remotely taking away Congressionally choreographed excuses though to little avial.

Note to Congress: There is needed, interesting and lucrative range work for rural “ranchers.” The FARM BILL must transition to educate; to heal our air, land, water; and to preserve our public lands and bio-diversity. Or it must finally be sunset, after 88 long years of continuous and gargantuan government subsidies causing ingrained (no pun intended), bipartisan, but not beneficial political influence.

Ranchers, wild horses, and native predators can all work together to benefit the ecosystem, if we dare to move forward together. We certainly can, and we must.

By Patience O’Dowd President Wild Horse Observers Association – (WHOA) Dec 18th 2021 – 50 year Anniversary

Endorsed by Dr. Lester Friedlander DVMPresident Citizens Against Equine Slaughter


Fifty years ago, a Republican president Richard Milhouse Nixon gave us 1) the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), 2) the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), 3) the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act (WH&B)(6), 4) the Endangered Species Act (ESA), 5) Marine Animal Protection Act and 6) Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act.

The WH&B was signed into law on Dec 18th 1971(7), and disallowed our American wild horses to be slaughtered.
After 50 years of bipartisan fraud and collusion in Congress (and NM State legislature), hypocritical horse slaughter continues over our U.S. borders funded by the FARM BILL => it is time to end that all NOW!


Three of five of the environmental laws referenced above were arguably passed in response to a long-term, undeclared war on North American native wildlife(8) and native flora.

To wit, American non-native domesticated bovine out-weigh(9), and outeat, American humans by two and a half times. Livestock’s feed consists mainly of annually and harmfully tilled mono-cultures comprising literally 70% of the crops we grow. This is literally wiping out our breadbasket’s underground ocean, the Ogallala Aquifer. Additionally, government agencies are allowing the spread of flammable non-native invasive flora on public lands turning the wildlands into agricultural grazing lands(10) . This agricultural invasion decimates natural habitat for wildlife.

Importantly, native wildlife includes many species such as game animals, native prey, and predators. It also includes non-game animals, those not hunted for their meat or pelts, such as wild horses which have been protected for 50 years, THEORETICALLY, by the 1971 Wild Horses and Burros Act.


The FARM BILL(11) in 2021 is a whopping $86 billion per year. This has created a highly contagious and unnecessary conflict of interest between our federal and state law makers and our wildlife because it beckons kickbacks to support politicians who will support the subsides for the invasives which compete with and wipe out native wildlife. Importantly this source of tax payer dollars for the politician comes through the ranching community. There are many possible positive alternatives(12) to this for ranchers and wildlife.

This bipartisan Factory(13) FARM BILL isn’t only about farming. It has been in place and growing since 1933. No sunset in sight. Arguably, it has played a part in destroying our soil, air, and fresh water stores and recharge. However, it is all in look good Orwellian fashion(14). After the first Dust Bowl, we had an underground ocean of the Ogallala fresh water aquifer as a back-up, now we do not. But we hear of schemes to pump(15) fresh water all the way from the Great Lakes.

Due to FARM BILL influence, neither Congress nor our state governments have ended transport to horse slaughter over our borders while legislators and elected officials get direct and indirect monies through kickbacks. However, virtually all feign they are anti-horse slaughter as they know that to be openly pro-horse slaughter is political suicide given that 80% + in the US are strongly opposed, by independent Lake Research poll(16).

Recently, a well-known bipartisan scheme, called the Path Forward(17), was pushed and passed by Tom Udall (Democrat) which is a destructive and brutally illegal(18) wild horse helicopter round up plan. This is an over-the-borders-meat-scheme which Senator Udall planned, passed, and then he retired! This, though the Senator from New Mexico well knew that he had not ensured the borders were closed to horse-slaughter traffic before passing such a cruel and lucrative, for some, round up plan. This, although he had for many years superficially co-sponsored ending horse-slaughter traffic over our borders.

The media is in on all of this working to make slaughter relative to fake drought look attractive as they did at Cameron(19).

FACT: Per United Nations data, horses sent over the
border to Mexico are then also sent on to slaughter around the globe.

Finally, it is important to understand that only 14 states have a state funded program for campaign finance which does come with certain conditions(19).


1) The horse is a native(20) North American mega fauna having evolved here for 55 million years. However, this native and iconic wildlife species has been unscientifically SOLD OUT in every sense of the word as a non-native, domesticated livestock species by many in Congress with a conflict of interest(21). It is important for all to know that domestication is a genetic change, it is not taming, nor is it habituation.

2) But why GASLIGHT Americans about the facts of one of our oldest native mega fauna? Because the powerful livestock industry funded by the FARM BILL does not want to compete with native predators for their cattle and does not want to compete with wild horses for grasses. Hence, the claim that wild horses are domesticated so that they can be managed as livestock rather than managed by natural predators as non-hunted wildlife. This, given that it is unacceptable to U.S. citizenry to hunt them. It is equally unacceptable to slaughter them as is currently happening.

3) Unintended Consequences: Our US native predators have been “managed” by hunting and trapping (almost to extinction) with unintended consequences for both the environment (reference Yellowstone National Park), and for our hunted native wildlife (reference Chronic Wasting(22) disease). The Solution: It is widely understood that Yellowstone(23) National Park was severely environmentally degraded until the natural native predators were re-introduced. This is what our public lands need, restoration of a balanced native trophic cascade as much as possible.

4) Currently Congress is allowing state governments to literally pipe streams/rivers underground for high pressure irrigation and allowing these rivers to be stolen from use by wildlife under the guise of efficiency, less evaporation, while not checking what wildlife they are harming as required statutorily(24).

5) Bison have been in North America approximately a mere 200,000 years from Asia, and the moose has been here from Europe only 10,000 years. This is no comparison to the amount of time horses evolved in North America. However, the non-native appellation is not given to bison or moose, as it is to the horse.

6) The graph above shows that Congress has refused to end horse slaughter even after Americans shut down horses slaughter in 2007. Other contempt of the law is also shown by this graph. The U.S. sends horses over the borders to Canada and Mexico who then send about 20,000 horses on to slaughter around the globe, also per United Nations Data.


Governor Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB) is appealing WHOA’s Lincoln County District Court win for the horse as NATIVE!

1) NM Governor Lujan Grisham (Democrat) and Senator Tom Udall (Democrat) were both co-sponsors of the anti-horse slaughter legislation while in Congress. However, both have seriously betrayed this position, costing many sentient lives and suffering.

2) Once she became Governor of New Mexico, she jumped right into the fight against WHOA’s important legislative win which enacted protective legislation in 2007 for NM state’s wild horses. This legislative win was repeatedly upheld in the courts(25).

3) Not only has she NOT closed the border with Mexico to horse slaughter (which she could), she is also fighting WHOA’s ground breaking 2018 win for the horse as NATIVE.

4) She is also defending private property rights against free roaming legally wild horses; however, she allows 1.4 million cattle in NM to be a non-native, free-range, domesticated species, AND to have taxpayers pay for traffic safety corridors for these privately owned cattle!

New Mexico Legislature:

Senator Pat Woods (Republican) and Senator Brenda McKenna (Democrat) work sneakily at legislature, in Orwellian fashion, to wipe out New Mexico’s wild horses.

1) NM Senator Pat Woods has received over $1 million(26) from the FARM BILL. The writer has heard him make comments to the effect that even if managed such that births would equal attrition so that the population remained stable, there is no number of wild horses that should be allowed to roam. (Again, let’s consider the 1.4 million non-native, domestic, privately-owned, free-range cattle in this fence out state.)

2) Senator Brenda McKenna, a new NM State Senator, immediately joined with Senator Pat Woods in his work to overturn WHOA’s protective wild horse legislation carried by NM Senator Komadina MD(Republican) of 2007. Senator Brenda McKenna has worked with the current Secretary of the Dept. of Interior, Deb Haaland since at least 2013 and also as her Congressional Representative.

3) McKenna also attempted unsuccessfully to take down the Placitas Horses in 2 other bills in 2021 in addition to her work with Senator Pat Woods on his bill against the wild and native horses of Placitas, Lincoln County, and all New Mexico.

4) NM Senator Pat Woods has brought 2 other bills prior to 2021 trying to moot WHOA’s 2007 legislation and associated court wins which have been paid for by the citizens of New Mexico.

5) These corrupt actions are essentially, the FARM BILL versus the People.

6) New Mexico Legislature – Senator Pat Woods and Senator Brenda McKenna et al. : This a conspiratorial and serious conflict of interest, a mis-use of our public funding, an abuse of power, a travesty by theft of the people’s protected natural resource, horse theft, and is a dictatorial theft our due process in both the legislative and judicial branches of government, under color of law.

Please CALL and Write to demand this Hypocritical Horrendous Horse Slaughter end by Executive Order NOW!

EMAIL Email:

CALL Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500


CALL: (505) 476-2200

USPS: 490 Old Santa Fe Trail Room 400
Santa Fe, NM 87501


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19. WHOA Investigates Flagg Staff/Cameron border Az: 2018 The media did NO investigatory work into the quite apparently planned and monitored deaths of 119 wild horses. (This is not the first, and this is not the last. This is a government tactic to push puplic opinion toward slaughter as human versus drought. However, this is more akin to torture/murder)

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