NM State’s Wild Horses Are Legally Protected since 2007 and are therefore subject to the NM Animal Cruelty Law and the NM Fence Out Law as upheld by the NM Appellate Court.

The Wild Horse Observers Association Filed Suit in Defense of NM State’s Protected Wild Horses on Nov. 20, 2023 with change of venu accomplished on 5/13/2024.

versus NMLB, Sandoval County Commissioners, Sandoval Sheriff Jessie James Casaus, and three citizens

For details of the Wild Horse Family Theft and more, against the laws of New Mexico and against the need for biodiversity and the overwhelming intrinsic and spiritual will of its peoples, see WHOA’s complaint below and or use the download buttons at top or bottom.

WHOA* is an all volunteer non-profit corporation (501 c3) and takes no salaries since 2004.

  • NMLB – New Mexico Livestock Board
  • WHOA notes that New Mexico media miseducates the public as to these protections routinely through time: 1) Regardless of WHOA’s passed legislation of 2007 with Senator Steve Komadina MD to legislatively protect these wild horses. 2) Regardless of WHOA’s Appellate Court Wins upholding this law of 2007 and 3) Regardless of WHOA’s yearly wins against green-washed Kill-Bills carried yearly by those who have a conflict of interest with the Farm Bill $$, Corporate Developement, Developement, etc. Those working against NM’s Wild Horses include the Department of Interior’s Deb Haaland, an “animal protection” group with a clean green name for wide-spread corrupt NM legislators to hide their cruelty votes behind.
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