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Wild Horse and Animal Organizations

bulletThe Wild Horse Preservation Campaign- AWHPC is part of the National Wild Horse and Burro Planning Group, an ad hoc advisory committee working to formulate and coordinate a national strategy in response to the current crisis.
bulletThe Wild Horse Mentors - Project is a concept that was first conceived by the LIFE Foundation, the "Wildhorses" Internet Group and the Kickin' Back Ranch (KBR). The idea was to develop a corps of wild horse enthusiasts who could help new wild horse and burro adopters by sharing their skills and knowledge, or who could assess situations and make referrals so that adopters can find the help that they need.
bulletHumane Society of the United States
bulletFund for Animals
bulletHumane Farm Association

Wild Horses and the Law

bulletAnimal Rights Law at Rutgers Law School - Rutgers was the first law school in the United States to have animal rights law as part of the regular academic curriculum.  They've done some work concerning the The Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

Environmental Organizations

bulletForest Guardians - They have showed some interest in coordinating efforts on behalf of the Wild Horses.
bulletHigh Country News - Search their site for their past articles on Wild Horses in the West.


bulletBLM National Wild Horse and Burro Program
bulletUSDA Forest Service

Wild Horses in the Media

bulletWild Horses an American Romance (PBS) - "Wild Horses - An American Romance" takes the viewer to spectacular locations in the American West where humans and horses share a fascinating history and partnership. 
bullet Wild horses: Do they belong in the West? (High Country News) - Those other animals are relative newcomers to this continent, while horses are the original natives. At least, so some people believe. The wild horse is an animal so enmeshed in controversy, so obscured by myth and emotion, that its management in the West has been contentious for nearly half a century.
bulletHigh Plains Drifters: El Caballo rides the range with North America's wild horses (High Plains Films) - In an old grain elevator near the tracks on Missoula's west side, two independent filmmakers are busy subverting the dominant paradigm. For nearly a decade, Doug Hawes-Davis and Dru Carr have been clicking away on their mice, assembling footage and creating digital documentaries that challenge the Old West paradigms dictating our nation's wildlife management policies.

Wild Horse Photography and Workshops

bulletLynne Pomerantz

Equine and Fine Art Photography

Wild Horse Workshops

Horse Slaughter Info

bulletThe American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act - H.R. 857 - To prevent the slaughter of horses in and from the United States for human consumption by prohibiting the slaughter of horses for human consumption and by prohibiting the trade and transport of horseflesh and live horses intended for human consumption, and for other purposes.
bullet Humane Slaughter Resolution Needs Your Help (Farm Sanctuary) - Congress is taking action in response to a recent Washington Post article ("They Die Piece by Piece," 04/10/01) that detailed the extraordinary cruelties rampant in modern slaughterhouses and the USDA's concurrent failure to enforce the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1958.
bulletSenate Committee Approves Record $5 Million for Humane Slaughter Enforcement (Humane Society of US) - The Senate Appropriations Committee agreed yesterday afternoon to provide a record amount -- $5 million -- for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to focus on improved enforcement of the Humane Slaughter Act (HSA), a law first enacted in 1958 that requires slaughterhouses to render livestock unconscious before they are killed. The funds are contained in the pending Agriculture Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2003.
bulletFederal Regulations on Transport of Horses to Slaughter Implemented (Equine Protection Network) - December 7, 2001 is a day that will live in infamy in the effort to protect horses from slaughter & the abuse that they are forced to endure on their last ride to a slaughterhouse. The proposed regulations for the Commercial Transportation of Horses to Slaughter Act have been adopted by the USDA. These regulations will legalize every inhumane practice identified in the transport of horses to slaughter, AND, put the very people identified as the abusers in charge of the horses. These same people have been convicted of the cruel transport of horses in NY & PA & have lied to law enforcement and prosecutors. This is the fox guarding the hen house.
bulletAn End To Horse Slaughter! (PetitionOnline) - Foreign owned slaughterhouses in the United States and Canada kills approximately 100,000 American bred horses annually. The horse meat is NOT being used in dog food or to feed starving masses. Rather, it is an up to $20/lb delicacy enjoyed by humans in Japan and Europe. A pound of horse meat usually sells more than a pound of filet mignon!


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