Mission Statement

Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA) was formed by Placitas, New Mexico community members to protect and preserve the remaining wild horses and their habitats in the areas of Placitas, New Mexico, the state of New Mexico, and all the United States. WHOA supports the preservation of wild horse family units (bands) and herds where they naturally roam.  The members of WHOA observe, study, aesthetically enjoy and derive recreational value from wild horses.

WHOA supports the humane treatment of wild horses and the preservation of their natural habitat.  Wild horses that have been illegally removed from their natural habitats should be returned and allowed to resume their wild existence.  WHOA supports the maintenance and re-creation of wildlife corridors to afford wild horses and other wild animals the freedom to roam in their natural expanses of territory.

American wild horses evolved on this continent and were re-introduced by the Europeans.  Today, American wild horses no longer have the full benefit of their natural predators of mountain lions, bears, bobcats and wolves, due to man’s impact.  Accordingly, WHOA supports the use of PZP, a non-toxic immuno-contraceptive.

WHOA works with government, private and non-profit groups to find solutions to the problems faced by wild horses, including diminishment of their territories, removal from their open spaces, and slaughter.  WHOA advocates that the existence of wild horses can be used for heritage tourism.