WHOA’s Open Letter to Sandoval County Manager- Day of Task Force Presentation – (see attached)

The New Mexico First PR Group, aka Senator Udall and Senator Heinrich’s PR firm, along with a Placitan Group, are working to give illegal jurisdiction to the NM Livestock Board (NMLB) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over our state’s legally wild horses in Placitas.

This in order to block the use of contraception and cause a round up of many, if not most, of the Placitas Wild Horses. They will then put some of them in a tiny “Sanctuary” or Corral, and then get Placitans to pay for their maintenance in this corral.

The Senators’ PR Group, NM First has put out a survey to the entire state of New Mexico on a channel 7 “news” story, (link below) in order to try and gain support for this illegal “multi-jurisdictional” Board, which they do not have support for in Placitas. Again, they are not openly mentioning, that multi-jurisdictional means the NM Livestock Board and the BLM.  (Please also know, that the NM State Veterinarians are indeed NM Livestock Board employees, and have presided over all the illegal round ups and sales of wild horses in Placitas to kill buyers.)

The likely reason that the Senator’s PR Group NMFirst, is blocking the use of the contraceptive (native PZP), is that once darted with PZP, the wild horses cannot be sold for human consumption.

In the Channel 7 story (link below), two “go-to” Placitas Wild Board members, side-slam the wild horses as fence destroyers and road safety issues, and thereby advocate that the Wild Horses of Placitas be removed from our neighborhoods and the BLM lands where they legally roam free, welcomed by the over whelming majority of Placitans, as proven by independent poll, at 86% !

Moreover in this choreographed Channel 7 story, Channel 7 feigned a “heated debate”, which was actually a one person’s 3 minute rant about owned domestic horses that had gotten out of their corral into the street. Channel 7 also highly inflated more than 2 times, the number of wild horses in Placitas, as usual, stating that there are to 70 to 200 wild horses roaming in Placitas on the story version that aired, but not the one they posted.

Channel 7 never mentions the 1.4 million cattle free ranging in NM (almost as many as people in NM) or the 200,000 Deer, 70,000 Elk, 40,000 Antelope, and thousands of other hooved animals freely roaming in NM, as also shared by WHOA’s president.


PLEASE CALL: U.S. Senators Udall & Heinrich: (505) 988-6511 Udall,  p: (505) 988-6647 Heinrich

+ +Demand they call of their DOGS, (NMFirst) and Placitas Wild, and STOP putting the Placitas wild horses, on the menu over the borders!

+ + Ask them  to allow contraception as legislated under the (WHOA) NM Horse Protection Act of 2007 and initiate a New Mexico Wild Horse License Plate to bring in any needed funding and help grow tourism’s already 84,000 + jobs!

Open Letter to Sandoval County – NM First-Senator Udall

Channel 7 Choreographed Story: https://www.koat.com/article/fiery-debate-erupts-over-how-to-deal-with-growing-population-of-wild-horses/23605428

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