Placitas Wildlife Mural

These beautiful murals are an incredible testimony to the Love, Respect, and Support, of the Wildlife and Wild Horses of Placitas New Mexico, by over 95% of the beautiful rural mountain community of Placitas.

Channel 13, and the NM media have hid this mural, and the overwhelming support of Placitans for the wild horses, from the general public. This amateur video is an attempt to shine the light of truth on the Placitas horses and the community that fights daily for them to remain where they have roamed for hundreds of years. Here in North America is also where they evolved, with the flora and fauna!.

Local, state, and federal government agencies as well as the elected officials, have all worked to block the will of the people regarding these horses and their habitat. Placitans have repeatedly funded WHOA, the Wild Horse Observers Association, in court to protect and preserve the horses and their habitat.

These agencies and officials want a highway through Placitas for an I40 bypass of 20,000 trips per day, and more gravel mining. This highway would wipe out the Placitas horses and would also block the last viable corridor off the Sandia Mountains for Mt. Lions, Bears, Bob Cats and other wildlife. The beautiful Sandia Mountains are part of the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Corridor which extends from Canada to Mexico, broken only in New Mexico at I40.

This amazing community mural was spear headed by Foothills Studio in conjunction with other members of Pathways Wild Life Corridors of New Mexico. Hundreds of Placitans and nearby neighborhoods worked together to actually make these murals. This project took over two years and was supported by Foothills Studio, Pathways Wildlife Corridors of New Mexico, and their donors.

It is located at exit 242 of I25… Exit I25 toward the east. The mural is on the first structure visible from the highway as you go up the hill on the north side of the road. Off road parking and a KIOSK with further information are available onsite. By the way, there are many beautiful homes for sale here that may have wild horses, deer, bob cats, or coyotes among others, occasionally gracing their views!

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