Committee to Promote New Mexico’s Wild Horse Parks

Governor Richardson recently anounced in Washington, DC his intention to establish a Wild Horse State Park in New Mexico. WHOA is much appreciative of his announcement and has aligned itself with several other New Mexico horse advocates in order to urge this project forward and to provide any additional resources needed to bring it to fruition. Below is a letter sent to the Governor’s office from the “Committee to Promote New Mexico’s Wild Horse Parks.

Committee to Promote New Mexico’s Wild Horse Parks

A Coalition of New Mexicans concerned about preserving our equine heritage

Dear Governor Richardson,

The news of the proposed “Wild Horse Park” could not be more exciting to us.  It is long overdue and will bring much value and tourism to our state, which has always been thought of as “The Old West”.  Thank you so much for taking the time to bring this extremely significant attraction within our reach.

You will be pleased to know that many of the organizations/groups in New Mexico who have a stake in the future of the Wild Horses have been working together to preserve the horses and make sure that they are taken care of and protected.

Your proposal for establishing a Wild Horse Park opens the door to exciting opportunities for the horsemen and horsewomen of our state to share our decades of combined experience and knowledge. The Park will bring to the people of New Mexico and the Nation a new and unique venue for learning about the horses that have played such a large part in the development of the western states.

The members of our committee are:

Rusty Cook, President, New Mexico Horse Council

Patience O’Dowd, President, Placitas Mustangs

Betty Pritchard, Board, Wild Horse Observers Association

Annette Gonzales, NM Strain Representative for the Horse of the America’s Registry 

Sandi Claypool, President and Founder, Monero Mustangs

Mary Phillips, BOD and Treasurer, Baca Colonial Spanish Horse Conservancy

Lynne Pomeranz, Photography and Wild Horse Workshops

As a unified group, we are anxious to help in any way we can.  We have hundreds of years of combined experience working with horses, nationally and regionally as well as in New Mexico, and we are certainly qualified for this project. We hope that you agree and will allow us to share a small amount of time with you to lay the ground work for the park.

Pease contact our Chairperson, Patience O’Dowd, to arrange a time when we can meet with you.

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