PRESS RELEASE:  The Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA) WINS Again v. STATE OF NEW MEXICO in the NM APPELLATE COURT. NM State’s WILD HORSES Firmly Established in 2007 by WHOA and continuosly LEGALLY PROTECTED in the courts and at legislature!

Many Thanks to Steven K. Sanders Attorney

Special Thank you to Pia Gallegos Repeat Super Attorney of NM and Jordan Beckett Attorney of Oregon

Special Thank you to NM State Senator Steve Komadina MD and Governor Richardson

The Appellate Court Decision

“CONCLUSION We hold that wild horses whose habitat includes public lands do not lose their wild status when captured on private lands. We, therefore, affirm the district court’s order to the extent that it correctly determined that the subject horses are wild horses, and may not be treated as estray…”

Hence, no to public auction and slaughter!

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