Placitas / Wild Horse State Park – Update – Pls Call Again

Hello All,    

Senator Udall’s office states he is “prepared” to help us with the BLM in Placitas – but appears to be waiting to see if the Wild Horse State Park passes. The Albuquerque Journal has been railing away with 6 articles so far against the Horses. WHOA has responded to each. Governor Richardson has a plan and is not giving up. He needs our help until the Board votes.   The Board of Finance may vote in Oct or in November. We need to call each week until they do. WHOA has turned in 2,480 comments for a Wild Horse State Park in Placitas which shows that a Wild Horse State Park is wanted but they also need “fresh” and continued calls.

Please email or call the Board of Finance each week:

Or call Suzanne Romero at:   505-827-4980 – Just say “For the Wild Horse State Park”.

Please note that the email is changed, and was wrong last time. If you have your previous email please resend it. This was my mistake. If you had copied me on it , I will re-forward it.

Thanks Much!!

Patience O’Dowd President WHOA
a public 501 c3 non-profit corp.
PO Box 932
Placitas, NM 87043
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