Equine Slaughter House Feasibility

Unintended Consequences for the United States

By Patience O’Dowd, WHOA President and Mary McNichols, PhD

Given that there are three states Oklahoma, Wyoming and New Mexico considering Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption;

We ask that you consider the substantial research/documentation which indicates that horse slaughterhouses result in deleterious consequences for communities in which they are located.

As such, we respectfully request that you reconsider the following facts and research.

  • Unstable market for American horse meat (likely to end on 7/31/13)
  • Increased Violent Crime Rates in communities in which horse slaughterhouses are located
  • Decreased Property Values in communities in which horse slaughterhouses are located
  • Boycotts of Tourist and other Industries, given that 80% of Americans oppose horse slaughter
  • Negative Impact on Economic Development
  • Backfire on Slaughter Industry as a Whole
  • Drug Contamination Issues (American horse meat is adulterated with many toxins, including the carcinogen, Phenylbutazone (Bute)
  • Recall Liability Issues
  • Worker Injuries/Death/Turnover
  • Negative Impact on Environment
  • The inherently inhumane process of horse slaughter
  • US Horse Slaughter Plants do not end horse exports for slaughter
  • Please see the research/documentation below which clearly demonstrates why the any state would not want a horse slaughterhouse.

    Read the full document:
    UNITED STATES equine slaughter feasibility

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