Breaking News: Sandoval County Removes Loop Road from Planning Map – State Legislators “Happy”

More: BLM RMP Update

Dear Wildlife and Open Spaces Supporters,

Statements made on official audio tape[1], by Michael Springfield, Director of Development for Sandoval County , at the Planning and Zoning Meeting on September 24, 2009, assert that the North East Corridor ( Loop Rd ) has finally been removed from the Program Planning Map.

Michael Springfield, Staff Report: Excerpt of transcript of audio tape statement.

“Umm, the other map that Moises just finished today, and I’ll give you a heads up, since it’s gonna be on the map that comes out, um, is our planning program map, and I know most of you have seen that, that shows all of the area plans we’re gonna be doing, all of the corridor plans that we’re gonna be doing, uhh, over the next 2, 5 years, umm, with the deletion, actually, to let you know, of the North East Corridor. Diamond Tail came back and said they are no longer interested in that. They will use Hwy 14 for their future development. Future development. (I’ll?) throw that out again. And that’s what the representatives in the state legislature told us they were happy with so, that works.”

Interestingly, Michael Springfield and County officials had denied that there were any statements during this meeting regarding further development at Diamond Tail utilizing RT 14.

RMP Update – WHOA has gained written approval from US to take the BLM to court.

The BLM has not yet admitted through Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) response to receiving many of your documented emails, your signed WHOA surveys, Placitas Coalition statements, etc. during the Scoping Process. WHOA has been waiting for a complete response since January.

This is concerning because the BLM had already denied receiving San Antonio de Las Huertas Land Grant’s (SADLH) BLM RMP input as well as Sandoval County’s Right Of Way request (ROW).

However, inputs WHOA did receive under this FOIA further prove a LANDSLIDE for the Wild Horses and a Wild Horse Park .  (THANK YOU!!)  WHOA now has written authority from the federal government to go to court. This is important as WHOA has prudently not gone to court previously; as our legal research has shown that the courts cannot intervene in a public process under most circumstances.

Thank you again for your unity and continued support of the Placitas Wild Horses, Wild Life Corridor, and the Open Spaces. Please contact WHOA with any questions or inputs.

For Immediate Release,  Patience O’Dowd for the WHOA Board

[1] This audio tape was procured by WHOA through an Inspection of Public Record Request

 from Sandoval County and will be professionally transcribed to validate the transcription above.

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