No Horse Slaughter Plant in New Mexico !

All the letters, blogging, and phone calls helped end this possibility for New Mexico. The final nail was the European Union (EU) rejection of US horse meat which is planned on 7/13/13. 
The EU declaration saved New Mexico from this Blow to our Tourism Industry, . . . to say the very least.
The  article below admits that Valley Meats of Roswell was planning to sell horse meat to the Eurpean Union (EU). However, the article did not educate the public that the EU will no longer accept our contaminated meat, not raised as food animals, to be disposed of in their people’s food supply after 7/13/12
Update: 8/26/12 
The media keeps beating the drum on the “tens of thousands” of unwanted horses in New Mexico trying once again to push for a slaughter house apparently on Native American Lands. This article, from Aug 22nd, gives  no source for these tens of thousands of horses and  implies these are on  Native American lands.  What is the number: ten thousand, ninety thousand?  Where do they get these numbers?  Where are these horses?  Such is the state of journalism in NM.
(Please note that Charlie Grahm of Walkin in Circles,  who is quoted in this news item, was a Board Member of New Mexico Horse Council, a self proclaimed pro horse-slaughter group)
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