WHOA and DOT provide signage for the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Corridor in Placitas, NM

WHOA has worked with the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NM DOT) to provide needed Wildlife Corridor Signage for the mountain community of Placitas, NM.  Among the wildlife to watch out for (at night especially) are mountain lions, bears, deer, bobcats, coyotes, and wild horses.  There are even occasional porcupines, prairie dogs, and wild turkeys.

The DOT agreed to either a yellow diamond-shaped caution sign with the picture of a wild horse or a yellow diamond-shaped wildlife corridor caution sign.  WHOA chose the wildlife corridor caution sign, so as to include information regarding all of the wildlife in Placitas, NM. WHOA has provided additional signage regarding the wild horses and the DOT has provided additional signage regarding the deer.

WHOA has also given a proposal for assistance with management of the Placitas Wild Horses to the appropriate agencies.  There has been no official response.

Placitans continue to show strong support and take great pride in the Placitas Wild Horses as well as all the wildlife that grace this area and its beautiful open spaces.

Please stop and see the Wildlife Corridor Mural at the Recycle Center at the entrance of Placitas on the North side of RT 165.  The mosaic mural project “Protect Our Wildlife Corridors”, depicts much of the Placitas wildlife and flora. This is an ongoing project of “Pathways: Wildlife Corridors of NM”, (a 501 c3), which has been co-coordinated by Laura Robbins (Foothills Studio) and Cirrelda Snider-Brian (Pot Hollow Studio) with the participation of literally hundreds of adults and school children from around the region.

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