“Horses on the Loose” The Real Story

The State of NM rightfully filed a charge of criminal trespass against the “perpetrator” (see below) for criminal trespass on posted private property and release of “the Placitas 8”. However, in the January 2012 issue the Sandoval County Signpost chose to publicly name this “perpetrator”. See http://www.sandovalsignpost.com/jan12/html/around_town.html.

WHOA decided this public “naming” in our small community of Placitas would likely stop any future criminal activity and therefore requested the sheriff’s department drop the charges. Hence the case was dismissed. Our thanks to the Sheriff in both cases. Our further thanks to the NM Livestock Board for verifying and certifying the Placitas 8 as Livestock (privately owned) prior to legal transport to their new home at Monero Mustangs Sanctuary in Northern NM.

Original Story

(This post is in response to another misleading Albuquerque Journal article, which was entitled “HORSES ON THE LOOSE” and published on September 4, 2011)

The eight (8) horses mentioned and previously on the road in the Village of Placitas were the property of a Placitan. They were legally Livestock. WHOA worked with the owner, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Livestock Board to lawfully and safely remove these (8) horses and have taken them to safe haven. Local Placitans stopped by constantly to help with hay,  water,  tanks, money,  even their land and man power,  to capture, guard, and then even recapture these owned horses.

Two individuals with a development interest in a Loop Rd (I-40 bypass connecting I-25 to RT 14 through Placitas) harassed WHOA volunteers repeatedly, crossed the “No Tresspassing” signs, and  one released these captured horses back out onto Camino de Las Huertas. A WHOA volunteer witnessed this Act and attempted to stop this action.

The perpetrater then even wrote a letter to the Signpost proudly admitting to this criminal act. WHOA has obtained this letter and a statement from the eyewitness and has asked the Sheriff’s Department to charge this individual with criminal trespass and harassment.

The perpetrator would have you believe that she just wanted these owned horses to be free. However, the two individuals were working toward causing an accident on Camino de Las Huertas that would be blamed on the Wild Horses of Placitas. Development interests and the Albuquerque Journal appear to be working overtime to cause a round up before WHOA can win in court.

What Can You Do?

  1. Please ask Sheriff Doug Wood to press charges on the perpetrator of this Act which intentionally tried to endanger Placitans and the horses they love by illegally releasing these horses.  (The police report is available upon request)
  2. Drop your subscription to Albuquerque Journal

Please note:  There are no horses in the neighborhoods of Terra or East Algodones (2 miles North of 165) as San Felipe and WHOA together fenced them out of those neighborhoods. WHOA also fenced them out of  La Mesa, Sundance, Los Ranchos, and Santa Ana. WHOA believes that the complaints referenced in this article are mostly old complaints from other neighborhoods where WHOA has already resolved any issue. WHOA has therefore requested copies of all complaints. Also, these quotes from Sheriff Wood we believe were taken long ago, before WHOA resolved the issue.

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