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Wild Horses - Placitas, NM
Placitas Wildlife Corridor
Wild Horse Eco Tourism
NM Legislation for 2006
Relocation& Testing
Horse Slaughter
Anti- Horse Slaughter Act
Wild Horse Territories
Stop El Rito Round-up
Wild Horse Designation
Jicarilla Round-up   

The Wild Horse Observers Association is involved in several projects as advocates for the Wild Horses:

To Donate to WHOA's Efforts
Wild Horses on BLM in Placitas, NM
WHOA has been working since 2002 with the residents of Placitas and the NM State legislature, through NM State Senator Komadina, to protect the Placitas Wild Horses as well as the rest of the wild horses in New Mexico.  The Placitas Wild Horses range from Placitas and the adjacent BLM, through the San Felipe Pueblo to the Santo Domingo Pueblo, and have been found on both sides of I-25 and roam east into the Sandia Mountains.  This herd, as with any wild herd, is made up of many small bands who roam mostly in their own territories, but still come and go, especially individuals who get kicked out of their bands and then go to form other bands for the purpose of maintaining genetic viability.
Placitas Wildlife Corridor Petition
We are asking that willing residents agree to have their lands be part of a "wildlife corridor", benefiting the wild horses and other wildlife of the area. In such, we can establish a precedence of agreement that will assist us when interacting with the BLM or Livestock Board. We urge everyone to talk to their neighbors, gather names, respectfully discuss this position, and consider signing a petition to help this effort.  Visit Pathways: Wildlife Corridors of New Mexico
Wild Horse Eco Tourism in New Mexico
How the Jicarilla Ranger District of the Carson National Forest can utilize the Jicarilla Wild Horses Territory (JWHT) for Eco-Tourism, Rural Economic Development, Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Identities of New Mexico, and Natural History Education.
New Mexico Horse Protection Legislation for 2006
WHOA had two bills this session. It is a short one month financial session in the even years. We did manage to pass SMO2 and gain Governor Richardson's support though what passed is a bill called
New Mexico Horse Protection Legislation for 2005
WHOA had three bills for the 2005 new Mexico Legislative session.  All three would have helped our Wild Horses in New Mexico immeasurably.  SJM41 was a memorial bill  for Wild Horsed Management and Tourism, SB861 was legislation for Wild Horse Testing, Relocation and Adoption for Wild Horses on State land, and SB67 was legislation for the Prohibition of Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption. Please read our Press Releases regarding:
PRESS RELEASE: Rally to Save the Last Large Herd of Wild Horses in NM: April 7th
Wild Horse Management and Tourism (SJM41)
Bill for the New Mexico 2005 Legislative Session:  Requesting the Federal Government to look at improving management of Wild Horse herds and requesting the State and Federal Governments to develop tourism programs at National Wild Horse Territories and other Wild Horse Ranges.
Wild Horse Testing, Relocation, and Adoption (SB861)
Bill for the New Mexico 2005 Legislative Session:  An act relating to animals; Requiring Deoxyribonucleic acid testing when Wild Horses are captured; Requiring Conquistador Horses to be relocated to Horse Preserves; Prohibiting the slaughter of Wild Horses  though not specifically mentioning it;  Allowing euthanasia; Allowing for adoption; Providing for the control of Wild Horse populations by means of birth control.
Prohibition of Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption(SB67)
Bill for the New Mexico 2005 Legislative Session: An Act relating to animals;  Prohibiting the slaughter of horses in New Mexico; Prohibiting the possession or importation of horse meat for human consumption; Providing for license revocation; Prescribing criminal penalties.
Support for the Federal Anti- Horse Slaughter Act 
At the same time, counteract the effect of the Conrad Burns rider on the Appropriations Bill signed into law by the President in Dec 04 which now allows wild equines to be sent to slaughter.   
Wild Horse Territories
WHOA advocates giving the Wild Horses the highest priority on the National Wild Horse Territories.  There are 9 National Wild Horse Territories in New Mexico, which is one of the best kept secrets of the USDA Forest Service.   These territories, and the horses on them, fall under the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act.
Stop the Wild Horse Round-up in El Rito, NM
The Wild Horse Observers Association opposes the US Forest Service plan to roundup and remove over 30 Wild Horses on the Jarita Wildhorse Territory near El Rito, NM.  WHOA advocates that the Wild Horses remain on the Jarita Wildhorse Territory unmolested by the US Forest Service. 
Designation of New Mexico's Wild Horses as "Wild Horses"  
Many of the Wild Horses in New Mexico are miss-represented by the NM Livestock Board as "estray", thus being designated as livestock instead of wild.  Livestock has almost no rights or protections, including exemption from the anti-cruelty laws of New Mexico.  Many Wild Horses therefore are captured by the New Mexico Livestock Board and sent to auction, and many soon end up in slaughterhouses.   WHOA is working to have the NM Attorney General review a previous NM AG opinion, as well as other case law, in order to have Wild Horses in New Mexico properly designated as "Wild Horses" and not "estray".
Jicarilla Wild Horse Round-up
Stop the US Forest Service from Capturing and Removing over 100 Wild Horses from Northern New Mexico's Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory in the Spring of 2004 


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