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Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA) was formed by New Mexico community members to protect and preserve the remaining wild horses in New Mexico as well as others across the US. These horses are re-introduced native species albeit without the full benefit of their natural predators, and as such, WHOA also advocates for the use of PZP a non-toxic immuno- contraceptive where round-ups are being used and in the recent past.

WHOA has worked legislatively with the Honorable Senator Komadina to pass a bill signed by Governor Richardson (2007) declaring free roaming horses which are not estray (not domestic) to be declared legally New Mexico State's wild horses. As such they are regulated wild animals of the state not under the jurisdiction of the Fish and Game department and also not under the jurisdiction of the NM Livestock Board.  WHOA has worked with Senator Komadina to pass a host of Memorials asking the BLM, Forest Service, and Native American Nations in New Mexico to utilize their free roaming/wild horses for Equine Eco-Tourism and to utilize PZP immuno -contraception as needed in lieu of predators.

These horses can be utilized for Heritage Tourism which currently accounts for 81% of US Tourism which is the second largest industry in the US and in New Mexico. In New Mexico, Tourism is a 2.5 Billion dollar industry and is the largest private sector employer.  WHOA has developed a state-wide Equine Eco-Tourism plan which has been supported by the NM Legislature through the passage of the Memorials.   This tourism plan is in line with the 2003 Preserve America Executive Order to the BLM which direct the BLM to aide in Heritage Tourism projects.

** Click Here for the Latest News and Updates from WHOA **

Our Mission and Objectives

The following WHOA team mission and objectives were agreed upon by members present at the April 12, 2003 meeting and will remain associated with the name “Wild Horse Observers Association (WHOA).” Any significant changes will require a change in the organizational name.


Preservation and protection of the wild horse.


1. Pro-humane alternatives versus slaughter.

2. Priority of wild horses, other wildlife, and environmentally sound uses of public lands.

3. Pro-humane treatment of horses to include, but not limited to, those in captivity, in the wild, or during roundup.

4. Pro-working with all organizations and individuals, government or private, to find win-win solutions.

5. Funds raised by this group are to be used for furthering the objectives listed above, through education and action, unless a donation is given for a specific written purpose.

WHOA Profile

As WHOA members, our true customers are the horses. We are an advocacy group which on occasion rescues or feeds horses in need.

Some WHOA members also belong to Wild Horse Mentors which is an international group providing health and training information, advocacy, and any other background information through an on line interactive group and a training center.

WHOA has passed legislation in NM and published in New Mexican Horse journals as well as brought issues to the press. We are also been publicized on Shirley McClain's web site.

We are a team of 28 members with 8 board members

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WHOA is now using a blogging tool for all new updates. Please go to the new area for more up-to-date information. The other information linked from this page will remain available for background information.

Contact Information

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WHOA, PO Box 932, Placitas, NM 87043
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