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Wild Horse Eco Tourism
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Wild Horse Eco Tourism in New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment

WHOA has developed a Wild Horse Eco Tourism plan for New Mexico.

bulletWild Horse Eco Tourism Plan (pdf)

Join Governor Richardson, US Representative Tom Udall, and the entire New Mexico State Senate In Supporting  Wild Horse Eco-Tourism

Urge the USDA Forest Service to Stop the Round-up of over 100 Wild Horses in the Jicarilla National Wild Horse Territory, which is the last large herd in NM of over 200 Wild Horses.  New Mexico needs this herd at its current size for tourism as well as for genetic viability over time.

WHOA's presentation to the USDA Forest Service's Regional Director promoted the use of birth control and maintaining the herd at 200.  WHOA also discussed how the Jicarilla Ranger District of the Carson National Forest can facilitate the utilization of the Jicarilla Wild Horses Territory (JWHT) for Eco-Tourism, Rural Economic Development, Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Identities of New Mexico, and Natural History Education.

WHOA's Presentation to Harv Forsgren:

bullet Save New Mexico's Last Large Herd - Jicarilla National Wild Horse Territory (html)
bulletSave New Mexico's Last Large Herd - Jicarilla National Wild Horse Territory (pdf)

Support letters, Senate Memorials, and further information:

bullet Governor Richardson letter of support
bulletUS Representative Tom Udallís two letters of support
bullet Support for Herd Size/Genetic Viability
bullet Support for Wild Horse Tourism in New Mexico
bulletSM2 Improve Management of Wild Horse (Final Version)
bulletAsks for herd size of 200,
bulletAsks for use of birth control called PZP.
bullet SM2 gained a unanimous Senate Vote, arguably representing the will of the people of New Mexico..
bulletSM2 financial analysis showing NM State Dept. of Tourism support
bullet SB296 Wild Horse Tourism financial analysis-strong NM State Tourism Dept. support
bulletWild Horse Pictures JWHT and El Rito (Forest Service)
bullet Jicarilla Ranger herd maintenance financial Estimates for Jicarilla herd, response to WHOA questionnaire.

Current EA (June 2004):
Environmental Assessment for the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory (pdf)
Previously Withdrawn EA (September 4, 2001):
Environmental Assessment for the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory (doc)

Wild Horses on the Carson National Forest

USDA Forest Service photographs of Wild Horses obtained by Freedom of Information requests (many more available)

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

What Can You Do?

  1. Call and voice support for Wild Horse Eco-Tourism
    bulletHarv Forsgren, Region 3 Forest Supervisor of the USDA Forest Service
    bulletMartin Chavez,
    bulletHeather Wilson, US Representative
  2. Call in Thank You's for Supporting Wild Horse Eco-Tourism
    bulletGovernor Richarson
    bulletRepresentative Udall
    bulletNM State Senators
  3. Sign our petition (to be posted April 22, 2006)
  4. Buy and show "The Last Spanish Mustang" from Len Johnson Productions
    bulletVoted Best Documentary in the Santa Fe Film Festival, as well as three other film festivals.
    bulletThis documentary shows the fate of the wild horses that are rounded up. 
    bulletIt also features a WHOA demonstration against the Jicarilla herd reduction, at the Region 3 USDA Forest Service office in Albuquerque.



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