Placitas Wildlife Mural

These beautiful murals are an incredible testimony to the Love, Respect, and Support, of the Wildlife and Wild Horses of Placitas New Mexico, by over 95% of the beautiful rural mountain community of Placitas.

Channel 13, and the NM media have hid this mural, and the overwhelming support of Placitans for the wild horses, from the general public. This amateur video is an attempt to shine the light of truth on the Placitas horses and the community that fights daily for them to remain where they have roamed for hundreds of years. Here in North America is also where they evolved, with the flora and fauna!.

Local, state, and federal government agencies as well as the elected officials, have all worked to block the will of the people regarding these horses and their habitat. Placitans have repeatedly funded WHOA, the Wild Horse Observers Association, in court to protect and preserve the horses and their habitat.

These agencies and officials want a highway through Placitas for an I40 bypass of 20,000 trips per day, and more gravel mining. This highway would wipe out the Placitas horses and would also block the last viable corridor off the Sandia Mountains for Mt. Lions, Bears, Bob Cats and other wildlife. The beautiful Sandia Mountains are part of the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Corridor which extends from Canada to Mexico, broken only in New Mexico at I40.

This amazing community mural was spear headed by Foothills Studio in conjunction with other members of Pathways Wild Life Corridors of New Mexico. Hundreds of Placitans and nearby neighborhoods worked together to actually make these murals. This project took over two years and was supported by Foothills Studio, Pathways Wildlife Corridors of New Mexico, and their donors.

It is located at exit 242 of I25… Exit I25 toward the east. The mural is on the first structure visible from the highway as you go up the hill on the north side of the road. Off road parking and a KIOSK with further information are available onsite. By the way, there are many beautiful homes for sale here that may have wild horses, deer, bob cats, or coyotes among others, occasionally gracing their views!

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Public Outcry Against Placitas Wild Horse Round-ups


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WHOA Interviewed by KKOB on Horse Slaughter – January 5, 2014

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The Grinch That Stole Christmas

The Albuquerque Journal pre-maturely starts the drum roll against the Placitas horses on Christmas Day attempting to threaten citizens on their own private property.

While WHOA is not for feeding per-say, if feeding is totally banned, then the BLM and the state of NM have their excuse to get rid of the Placitas Horses against the will of the people. An independent environmental report paid for by the BLM in 2007 after the 2006 drought, showed no damage from the horses. Moreover, the BLM itself at times, feeds wild horses and WHOA has in no way exhausted legal remedies.

Feeding wildlife could bite you in wallet by Mr. Cole

WHOA’s comment on Mr. Cole’s article below. Also posted on Face Book at: New Mexico Against Horse Slaughter

**Mr. Cole, (Mr. Cold) The Grinch that stole Christmas**

Mr. Cole, your animosity and bias against wild horses is well documented. The Albuquerque Journal is pro-horse slaughter and anti-anything wild, wild horse included, right along with Sandoval County, which has twice now legislated from the county seat to discriminate against wild horses (beyond their authority). Their animal ordinance will not stand in court against anyone.

Ask Attorney Dave Reynolds if it is legal for Sandoval County to legislate. Ask Mr. Reynolds if the County can legislate in direct opposition to the state and federal codes in order to harass private citizens at that! In Sandoval County now, any vertebrate “at large” is an estray! Wow! That includes mice, rabbits, birds, and deer. That means that the New Mexico Livestock Board now has jurisdiction over RODENTS and GAME animals! HA HA HA!!! Don’t tell Fish and Game.. shhh! All the way to court they go to harass private citizens on their own property!

Sandoval County and the Albuquerque Journal are pro-development and would like to turn Placitas into a flow through tea bag of traffic with an I40 bypass, (20,000 trips per day!) along with de-jour mining.

The wild horses are protecting the rural mountain community of Placitas. Every single survey starting with the one done by the local newspaper in 2002, and many more since then, show Placitans 35 to 1 wanting the wild horses to remain roaming the hills of Placitas. That ratio has never changed, no matter the wild life hating swill put out by NM’s special interest media, with you yourself and the Albuquerque Journal at the lead! Good job on consistency! No matter Mr. Cole, Placitans have not given up and never will.

Take a look at the wild life murals on the recycle center wall, first building on the left as you drive up the hill from I25 at exit 242 east toward Placitas. I dare you! Your colleagues at Channel 13 dared not let New Mexican’s see this AMAZING group of life sized GLASS and TILE murals showing all the beautiful flora and fauna of the area. Pull in and park and see this amazing testament to the area wild life (including the wild horses) in Placitas by hundreds of wild life loving community members. Drink it in my friend, it is just one example of the resistance with a capitol R to your wild life hating, coyote killing, horse slaughtering, bear cub killing, mountain lion and wolf hating ways, Mr. Cole for hire!

If anyone is sued, by one of the less than 10 wild life haters out of 6000 Placitans, WHOA’s staff attorney will very likely have a field day in court and collect attorney’s fees as well defending those who defend wildlife. Hate on Mr. Cole! I agree that is your right, and your getting paid to do it! No reason to stop then! Merry Christmas Mr. Grinch! Deer are hit in the road in Placitas as well. Whomever has a grass lawn is the problem aren’t they? Who will the tiniest minority of grinches, with the loudest mouth piece (NM Media) sue about that? Jesus Christ on his birthday? Seems you, Sandoval County, and the Albuquerque Journal, are harassing private citizens, myself included, on their own private property, on Christmas, doesn’t it? Gonna sue the bird feeders too? With fake statutes? See you in court, if you like. I have property rights Mr. Cole. Patience O’Dowd President WHOA,, Wild Horse Observers Association, A public 501 c3 non-profit corp. PO Box 932, Placitas NM

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Signpost Denigrates Civic Freedoms…Again


PDF: TaskForce_Video_Audio

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Leland Grass Navajo Nation “never did a survey”, Estimates 11,000 Untame, Not 70,000

“NN never did a survey. in last 3 months only only 1500 capture in 60 chapters. . .  (looking at our land where i eat and sleep, i would say 6600 horses ferals. and including wild horse would be close to 11000 all together untame.”
” post this anywhere thx”
Leland Grass

This is a vastly lower number than has been promoted for a year and a half.

“Caren Cowan, executive director of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association, estimates that about 90,000 feral horses wander the state, with the bulk, about 70,000, on the vast Navajo reservation.” – Albuquerque Journal 6/16/13

Leland Grass ‘Navajo Nation reverses position on Horse Slaughter’

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Celebrating the work of Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson

Tri-ColorPress Release NN and BR


PDF: Press Release Navajo Nation and Bill Richardson

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State of New Mexico Targets Tribal and Placitas Horses

PR Campaign First Victory_Page_1 PR Campaign First Victory_Page_2 PR Campaign First Victory_Page_3 PR Campaign First Victory_Page_4 PR Campaign First Victory_Page_5


PDF: PR Campaign First Victory

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Complaint – Sandoval County Commissioner Orlando Lucero makes defamatory statements about WHOA in the Sandoval Signpost

WHOA met with Mr. Lucero the Sunday before the June 5th meeting, with a number of Placitans at the Merc at my request.  I have neither been given nor been directed to an application, and I have never refused to fill out an application regarding these matters.

I requested an immediate answer to the following email correspondence, which has gone unanswered for 5 days to date (7/14/13).

Patience O’Dowd president
Wild Horse Observers Association
PO Box 932
Placitas, NM 87043 Complaint Orlando Lucero

PDF: Complaint Orlando Lucero

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Problem – Public Safety – Proactive Solutions vs Imposed Placitan Silence

The wild horses of Placitas are in the roads and village due to multiple issues, not least of all, lack of population management by the responsible agency. Many, including WHOA, contend this is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). While predator quotas rise in New Mexico, WHOA’s proactive use of wildlife contraception remains blocked since 2010, primarily by the state of New Mexico. This was long before there was an over population issue, and long before this contraceptive (PZP) was erroneously registered as a pesticide, by the Humane Society of the US and the EPA in 2012. To date there has been no help to remove road blocks (real or created) from any representative, Governor Martinez, or any agency.

There have been 4 accidents to date, killing five horses, and orphaning another, luckily with no loss of human life so far. WHOA has offered a plan to resolve the manufactured over population issue to all the agencies including the BLM,(See below). WHOA and members of the community have also worked together to provide warning signage and to have the Department of Transportation (DOT) provide signage, as well as have the sides of the roads mowed to reduce risk. Incredibly however, the DOT recently removed Wild Horse warning signage installed by Placitans/WHOA.

What is the agenda here? To cause over population, cause a “tradgedy”, turn Placitans against the horses? Effectively punishing Placitans (risking their safety)for fighting for the horses to remain on the “BLM’s public lands”. Is our government ignoring the will and the safety of the people for the sake of gravel mining, and/or an I40 bypass (as requested by Sandoval County in 2008 and planned by the DOT for 20,000 trips per day in their 2001 right of way report)?

WHOA has never advocated to keep the horses in the neighborhoods, or on the roads. WHOA has in fact, fenced them out of neighborhoods in the name of public safety as well as worked to provide proactive contraception. The fencing was effective for many years but without population management, this is no longer effective.

A meeting was called on June 5th, 2013, by Sandoval County Commissioner Orlando Lucero with some of the many agencies involved, most of which WHOA had also called together to no avail. Unsurprisingly, this meeting held at the Sandoval County Commission meeting room, disallowed public comment. This, is the pattern regarding the Placitas wild horses. The Placitas Area Planning process in 2008 run by Sandoval County, disallowed public comment on horses, and the planned highway through the BLM where the horses live. Likewise, the BLM’s 5 yr plus planning process initiated in 2008 and not yet completed, for the Placitas BLM lands, determined that the horses and highways are “out of scope” of this “public” process, thereby deeming 3000 public comments null and void!

Now, even at this meeting advertised as a “workshop”, a “discussion”, specifically about the horses, public comment was again, denied, while much misinformation went un-corrected.

Hence, the only place that Placitans and the Wild Horses of Placitas (which they overwhelmingly support), have their day, is in court, and in court they are. Please see WHOA’s offer to assist with public safety below.

WHOA Public Safety Worksheet (1)

WHOA Public Safety Worksheet (2)

PDF: WHOA Public Safety Worksheet

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